Amount and Variety of Karaoke Songs

The amount of songs your karaoke machine will play depends on what kind of songs or videos the machine is compatible with.

Types of Songs / Videos

We found the most abundant type of karaoke songs came in a format that includes a music file and a separate file for the lyrics: CDG. They are widely are available on CDs and can be downloaded as well. We also found free karaoke videos on YouTube, karaoke apps, and machines that have a built-in list of songs.

Easy to Hook up to TV and Stereo

Another must have karaoke machine feature for us is the ability to hook it up to a tv and stereo. Having the karaoke song lyrics scrolling down a large tv let's the whole room sing along. You can only get so much sound out of a little box. Another must is for the ability to hook the machine into the stereo. Karaoke sounds way better with surround sound.

Other Important Karaoke Machine Features

There are other features to consider when buying a karaoke machine. These features make the karaoke experience more fun with less headaches! You and your honey want to duet on “I Got You Babe”? You could use a machine that supports 2 microphones. (or more!) After following my handy dandy steps to make a 1,000+ song karaoke file, a remote control is nice to just type in the song number taken from the song list you created of that 1,000+ song karaoke file. Our machine let’s you change key. We’ll break it down so you can find the features right for you.

Types of Karaoke Machines

We can’t tell you what the best karaoke machine is, we want to give you the information to find the best one for you and your family! There are so many different types of home karaoke machines available. Super portable karaoke microphones, portable systems with built in speakers, and more. You can also get a Karaoke app for your phone or get a karaoke video game for your Xbox. We found the variety a bit confusing and decided to share what we found because we love home karaoke so much.

Create Song Collections and Playlists

Combine Your Karaoke Songs into One Collection

By now you might have figured out we went for the karaoke machine that would support the largest amount and variety of songs. There are a lot of CDG discs available and you can even download karaoke songs from a vast online selection. One big issue we did have was swapping out CDs. We have about 80 or so. For parties, your guests need to browse the CDs and most are collections of various artists! To maximize the karaoke experience we combined all of our songs into one collection and discovered a way to print an alphabetized song list. The process is still not perfect, but we have plenty of tips based on our experience and research.